Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Actually Finished a Project

Originally uploaded by Aunt Owwee

I LOVE having the chicken coop as a kind of workshop. Projects can stay put until I have the time to finish them, instead of being swept into a closet. (Of course, it was the apartment that had closets. The farm only has one. Pre-closet days of building.)

The chair was an unfinished one from Michaels. I first painted it a dark green. I wanted it to look old, so before I painted it light green, I put vaseline on areas that I wanted to look worn. After the coat of light green, I wiped the areas of vaseline with baby wipes, leaving the dark green showing under.

My brothers, 43 and 52, are scared of this doll. What's up with that?


Susan said...

IMHO, I think it's the *eyes* that disturb us when we are small. My Uncle Jerry had a ventriloquist dummy that scared Robin and me severely. Great tip on painting technique, Shirl.

Shirl said...

oh a ventriloquist dummy would be VERY scary, I think.

Thanks, Susan!