Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 . . . what a year!

You Remember 90% of 2008

You were paying attention during 2008.

And you remember what happened really well.

You'll be able to talk about 2008 for years to come...

Even when most people have forgotten what went down.

eyes so bright

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I'm blessed to share Christmas with family, and family has grown to include two babies. This is CJ#1, who will be two in January. I think he had a great Christmas, and I know he made Christmas perfect for so many of his elders.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh Great!

Another first for Detroit . . . this one we could surely do without.

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Destined :: fated
FAIL :: safe
Camping :: gear, tent, great way to see the country, fresh air
Only you :: can make me smile
Incessant :: constant
Tomorrow :: is another day, song from Annie
Impressive :: Wow
Riches :: rags
Dislike :: brussel sprouts
Speaker :: of the house

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Country Christmas

Merry Christmas!
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I did it!! The tree is up, most of the packages are wrapped!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sounds about right to me!

Spotted at Kwizgiver:

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Each year, you really get into the spirit of Christmas.

Which is much more important to you than nifty presents.


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Trying to get Christmas all through the house. This is the front porch. I'm not sure of the provenance of the ornaments, but I like that they have long green string ties on them.

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Carpet :: Burn, Vacuum
Bottoms :: up!
Music :: of the Night
Nails :: Finger
Watch it! :: Look out!
Your life :: You Bet
Candies :: Christmas, light some, Grandma bea
Chafing :: Dish
Svelte :: Skinny
Ding :: Dong

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best Home Scent . . .

Pine sap oozing from the couple spots I had to snip . . . Priceless!

i did it with my little saw

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Voila! I broke my big saw (something about coming at an angle and not sticking with a back and forth motion), but my little hack saw completed the task!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Note to Al Gore!

Give back your Nobel and your Oscar. This global warming thing isn't working!!!


Snow piling up, temperature going down.

choosing the tree

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I've become spoiled on getting my Christmas trees. Eighteen years ago, my mother had us plant spruces and pines on the back border of the farm lawn. They've grown without any pruning, and for the most part are way too tall to be a Christmas tree, but one can lop off a top here and there and come up with a most unique Christmas tree.

I also like to put red bows on the tree line for the holiday season.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blue Christmas Tree??

You Should Have a Blue Christmas Tree

For you, the holidays represent a time of calm, understanding, and peace.

You avoid family fights, and you don't get too stressed out - even when things are crazy!

You like to make Christmas about making everyone's life a little bit better.

You don't get caught up in greed or commercialism. You're too sincere for that.

Your blue tree would look great with: Lots of silver tinsel

You should spend Christmas Eve watching: It's a Wonderful Life

What you should bake for Santa: Chocolate chip cookies

Vacation time!

I left a couple of vacation days for the end of the year. The time has come! I'm off today and tomorrow. And I am soooo glad, because the weather folks are predicting a big dump of snow tonight, and now I don't have to worry about getting up in the morning and figuring out how to get to work. I have tons of supplies, so the kitties and I will just have fun getting ready for Christmas.

So how is my vacation morning going? Well, I have way too many projects going. I'm finishing up Christmas cards. I've wrapped a few presents. I've cut my tree halfway down. I paid the LP guy $550.00 for a partial fill. I'm trying to visit folks on the internet. I found my cookie cutters in the back of the cupboard. In a bit I'm going to make some pancakes to go with this wonderful blueberry syrup a friend gave me.

and so . . . how are you?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

U.S. Civics Question

1. What year did the popular vote become the way U.S. Senators were chosen?

2. What amendment to the constitution changed the method of selecting Senators?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

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Pink glass, angels, Great-Grandma Alty's buttons, and water from the Atlantic Ocean.

What are a few of your favorite things?

Unconscious Mutterings!

I say ... and you think ... ?

Travel :: Montana, Expenses
Expensive :: Diamonds
Backspace :: Delete
Traffic noise :: Not much of it out here in the country!
Now see here :: Listen to me!
Vegetables :: Raw, preferably
Chat :: IM
Your calling :: Farmer Pete
Weekly :: Reader. Remember them from grade school?
Oh! :: my goodness gracious sakes alive

My New Favorite Quote

From Dr. Seuss:

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Dickens at Turner-Dodge

Dickens at Turner-Dodge
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to the Recession!

I understand we have a lot of folks that will be joining us in the recession this year. Welcome! We here in Michigan have been dealing with this for the last four years and we can give you some advice to ease your way through this experience.

1. Don't panic! If the present financial environment has you worried, take a good long look at your portfolio, however large or small it may be. Make an informed decision of your options. Select your option. Mark on your calendar a date in the next three to six months. Do not look at your portfolio again until that date, and don't worry about it. Really. It works.

2. Limit listening to "expert" opinions on the nightly news opinion networks, unless it is a verifiable expert.

3. Live! Don't start hoarding your money to the extent that you are passing up all the joys of living. Life really is too short to miss out on a variety of experiences while we're here.

4. As in #2, take care in your news reading sources.

5. Remember, elected officials are usually not experts.

6. Put extra effort into your work. (Okay, this is a toughie, but if you work for a small, as I do, that extra effort will pay off for both you and the company. Trust me on this.) However, here again balance is key, unless you own the company.

7. Think outside the box. Extra cash can be found by selling things you no longer need. Great garage sales abound up here in Michigan in the warmer months. Conversely, you can buy on the cheap from the yard sales. Have a skill that people might pay for? Whether it's taking wedding photographs, tutoring students, mowing lawns, or a myriad of other projects, try it out! Barter services, if necessary.

8. Keep friends close, and family closer. Things that cannot be accomplished by ourselves can and will be accomplished when we work together with those we trust and love.

9. Keep an attitude of celebration. Hurrah for the 2000th service call set-up at work. Yay for the $5.00 you found in your coat pocket. The sun is shining: why up here in Michigan that's enough to have everyone doing cartwheels. (Mid-Michigan is one of the grayest areas in the country.)

Follow these nine simple suggestions and you may find you actually enjoy your recession experience.

Peace out!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eyes on the Skies!

The full moon tonight is going to be a bright one (if you don't have many clouds). Load your cameras, kiddies!


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Seemed Kind of Timely

You Are 50% Likely to Survive Another Great Depression

Even though you may not be expecting the worst, you're the type of person who prepares for the worst.

You live a relatively modest life. You don't overspend, and you aren't very materialistic.

You are also quite self sufficient and independent. You have many useful skills.

You can take care of yourself and those you love... which is crucial to surviving another Great Depression.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


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Yesterday's event: The Dickens Village in Old Town. Last year I photographed the Dickens characters from A Christmas Carol as they wandered through town. This time I photographed the decorations at the Turner-Dodge mansion.

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Love affair :: a movie
Bubble :: gum
Pimple :: zit
Knocks :: at the door
Persistent :: salesman
Infected :: diseased, virus
Yay! :: a good cheer
Repaint :: the pantry walls
Daily :: News
Quickly! :: Rapidly! Right now!

i know i left it somewhere

i know i left it somewhere
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Brrr! so cold today that the squirrels are already digging things up.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

They Like it!

I had always heard that you could amuse cats with laser pointers for hours. I've had a pointer for awhile, just never tried it with Snuzzles and Sierra. I don't know if "amused" is quite the word, but they've sure been interested!

Baby it's Cold Out!

Temperatures are WAY out of whack for December. Yesterday it got down to 14F/-10C. Yikes!

I've been MIA . . . inventory time at work. We're updating files, and that takes a lot out of this old girl.

And how are you doing?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008