Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to the Recession!

I understand we have a lot of folks that will be joining us in the recession this year. Welcome! We here in Michigan have been dealing with this for the last four years and we can give you some advice to ease your way through this experience.

1. Don't panic! If the present financial environment has you worried, take a good long look at your portfolio, however large or small it may be. Make an informed decision of your options. Select your option. Mark on your calendar a date in the next three to six months. Do not look at your portfolio again until that date, and don't worry about it. Really. It works.

2. Limit listening to "expert" opinions on the nightly news opinion networks, unless it is a verifiable expert.

3. Live! Don't start hoarding your money to the extent that you are passing up all the joys of living. Life really is too short to miss out on a variety of experiences while we're here.

4. As in #2, take care in your news reading sources.

5. Remember, elected officials are usually not experts.

6. Put extra effort into your work. (Okay, this is a toughie, but if you work for a small, as I do, that extra effort will pay off for both you and the company. Trust me on this.) However, here again balance is key, unless you own the company.

7. Think outside the box. Extra cash can be found by selling things you no longer need. Great garage sales abound up here in Michigan in the warmer months. Conversely, you can buy on the cheap from the yard sales. Have a skill that people might pay for? Whether it's taking wedding photographs, tutoring students, mowing lawns, or a myriad of other projects, try it out! Barter services, if necessary.

8. Keep friends close, and family closer. Things that cannot be accomplished by ourselves can and will be accomplished when we work together with those we trust and love.

9. Keep an attitude of celebration. Hurrah for the 2000th service call set-up at work. Yay for the $5.00 you found in your coat pocket. The sun is shining: why up here in Michigan that's enough to have everyone doing cartwheels. (Mid-Michigan is one of the grayest areas in the country.)

Follow these nine simple suggestions and you may find you actually enjoy your recession experience.

Peace out!


Martha said...

Thanks for the auntily advice, Aunt Owwee! I like it!

Gail said...

I thank you too, Auntie. Terrific advice. : )

I no longer follow news quite as closely as I once did - both financial and political. It's not like I can do anything about any of it other than whine and complain. I'm sure I will continue to whine and complain though. Hopefully not as frequently.

Shirl said...

Thanks, Martha and Gail! Moderation is the key, I do believe.

And Gail, welcome to bloggerland. Hope you like it! You'll probably be toooo busy studying to blog as much!

Gail said...

Thanks, Shirl. Looking forward to the challenge. : )