Friday, October 28, 2011


For years I have been interested in geocaching but did nothing about it. I enjoyed Elaine from Houston's posts on her adventures with her husband Kenny finding caches. Something piqued my interest recently. (I wish I could remember what specifically did, but oh well.) I downloaded the app for Droids to my smart phone. (I REALLY love my Droid). I went to the site, and tried to sign up. I found out I had already joined as a basic member five years ago so I got settled in.

The App brings everything together. You can search for close caches. Navigation takes you close, and then the compass takes you in. I am utterly AMAZED at the # of caches there are in any given area. Too funny.

Cemetaries are a favorite place to hide caches. The cemetary that we visit at least twice a year has a cache. Did not know that. I have visited spots I didn't know exist, even though I frequently drive by them.

Of course, I didn't REALLY need another hobby. But hey. Gotta keep this old mind young, eh?

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