Monday, February 04, 2013

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1.Baked :: a cake

2.Excited :: looking forward to

3.Print :: paper

4.Obstruct ::justice

5.Bladder :: control

6.Matrimony :: marriage

7.Car :: auto

8.Reconstruct ::Plastic surgeon

9.Lenses :: glasses

10.Best for last :: Save the


Roscoe Ellis said...

Happy Wednesday night, Shirl. And yes, I'd say a score of 2.5 is about right for us, this time around.

And congrats on leaving AOL behind. Good Lord, I'm surprised that place still exists! :)

Shirl said...

*grin* it did! When I first moved here the only option was dish. I kept hearing that other options were coming, so I kept putting off changing. Unfortunately, one of the things of cuontry life is that there are no economies of scale for internet. In my mile there are just six houses.

The other options are just now starting to hit, but the hotspot on my smart phone may serve adequately for now, and save me money.

The really funny part is that Verizon is a little hinky out here, but . . . Mom turned down an offer for two towers about 8 years ago as she likes to maintain a rural look. And I fully understand and support her viewpoint, but it does make me laugh when my 3G goes blank.