Monday, March 25, 2013

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1.Taco :: Bell

2.Serve :: self

3.Cubicle :: Office

4.Moonlighting :: second job

5.Creaky :: Steps

6.Bittersweet :: Sadness

7.Hop :: Bunny

8.Install :: Implement

9.Quick :: Rapid

10.Hybrid :: Car


jimtown said...

I started reading your way back blog this evening. The Other Side. It's been hiding, waiting in my bookmarks all this time. I'll continue as I have time. I know very little of you and have just a vision or impression from your photos and the bits and pieces I've read. Reading your blog entries, starting from the oldest and moving forward paints a much fuller and more fun picture of you. I hope I can read through and maybe leave some comments along the way. You are a real person. Or maybe I am. I think I've been alone way too long! Or maybe it was winter that was way too long. Hope spring is good to you.

Shirl said...

Oh Kim! That is so sweet of you! But you will be bored out of your mind. *sigh* I am a very boring person. I read the book your wrote about you and your husband, I see your wonderful pictures. *Sigh* I'm real all right, really BORING!!!

We are real. Yup. Have you read the Velveteen Rabbit? I like to think I'm that kind of real. Happy Easter and spring to you!!

jimtown said...

Hoppy Easter Shirl! I continued on reading this morning. You're anything but boring. You're spicy and a lot of fun and I think you have a lot of energy. I wonder if that comes from growing up in a larger family? Anyway, it's pure pleasure to read and learn more about you and your family.