Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

Living in the Capital City of Michigan means we get to host the official state Christmas Tree!  There is a huge celebration called Silver Bells in the City on the Friday before  Thanksgiving.  About 100,000 people gather for a parade and the lighting.  I've attended for most of the 27 years it has been held.  Finally gave it up intentionally this year.  But oh the memories.About ten family members were there, so I got a great report.  Maybe next year . . . 


Shirl said...

I need to dig out the html book to float my text correctly. Argh

Anonymous said...

That must put a person in the Christmas spirit. You've been brave to go out in that crowd for so many years. The tree lighting must warm your heart. I often think it would feel good to go sit at the mall and watch the hurried shoppers or something this time of the year, but we never do anything new, just the same old, same old stay home alone!

I think if you click on the photo and align the photo to the left or wherever you want it, it might help.

Shirl said...

Sweet! That worked. Had to recut and paste the text, but it worked! Thanks.

How close is your mall? We have two indoor ones and an outdoor one.

I do love watching a crowd. I have to admit, I got myself into traffic, pulled into a parking lot, and just watched the happy families heading off to the event for about ten minutes.

Hurrah for the holidays!