Sunday, March 16, 2014

Train trip!

and hunting for spring.

In February the boss called a meeting with those of us charged with keeping the computer system up-to-date.  Our software provider was holding a "summit" in New Orleans, and he wondered if we wanted to go. I am not a good flyer, so normally I beg off these engagements.  However, I knew the train went from Chicago to New Orleans, and somehow going  to New Orleans seemed like a really cool thing, so I said, why sure, if I can train it!

Our boss tries to work with individual quirks.  One of our service techs didn't want to fly to a conference, so the boss rented a car for him and let him go, so I knew there was precedent.  The boss smiled and said, book it!

It might be an overnight-er, I reminded him.

Book a sleeper, then.

Oh, I don't mind coach.

Book a sleeper.

So I did.  What a blast!

I took the Blue Water to Chicago.  I had to wait for the New Orleans train, so I went up in the Willis (Sears) tower to see frozen Lake Michigan.  Brrrr.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how brave of you but what a way to beat the Michigan winter blues! I love the photo. It has a little bit of the best of both city and lake and seems so far removed from my world, that it's a treat to see it.

Shirl said...

It was an adventure, and i realized it had been way too long since I had had one!