Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review - March

Ah, March.  I don't have an official bucket list.  However, when the boss wondered if I wanted to go to a computer meeting in New Orleans I immediately recognized that that was something I had to do.  It gets complicated.  I don't like to fly, but I told the boss I could take the train.  And he agreed!  And he paid for a sleeper car instead of coach, as I take when I'm footing the bill.  Sweet!

There was an eight hour layover in Chicago, so I went up in the tower. This is March 4th.  Lake Michigan is frozen frozen frozen!

The train gave me a chance to see the scenery as we went south.  Going through the bayou was the best part!  It looked just like I thought it would after reading fictional stories set there.

I must go back to New Orleans!  Most of our time was spent at the conference, but our hotel was on the edge of the French Quarter so we got a little taste.

March was also the spring Home Show at the MSU Pavilion.  A nice harbinger of spring, but there was still snow on the ground!

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