Sunday, March 02, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Chemical :: Fire
Poker :: 5-card Stud?
Federal :: Marshall
Mattress :: Bed
Who am I? :: a woman, an aunt, a photographer, a reader, a snowperson maker, a Christian, an MSU fan,
Investigation :: Crime
In good hands :: All-State? Is that the ad?
8:30 :: work or rest depending on am or pm
Creditors:: Don't want too many of those
Resource :: Natural


Julie said...

One match this week. You'll have to wander over to see which one.

Shirl said...

I had such a time with these, I'm glad we had ONE match!

Laane said...

One match!

Those are great mutterings.
I've enjoyed reading them.

You can find mine ::here::

Have a great week!

Sujaco said...

I forgot to do it. :[

Hey, I saw something and thought about you... There's a satellite company I saw a commercial for on tv called Hughes Net that might be worth looking into. Maybe someone you know can provide some feedback.

Tien said...

haha, you haven't been doing much blogging, i see. makes me feels like guilty when i visit your blog. lol.

anyway, those are some wonderful mutterings. :D

Sujaco said...

Hope all is well, sweet Shirl. Miss your blogging updates.

Shirl said...

Thanks for the Hughes net info, Susan! I have to do something . . . the slows are killing me!

I know Tien, I've been slow. Let's both be good now!

All is well, just a busy work week and a slow news week, Susan!