Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End of vacation

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Vacation continued:

We headed back to Lansing about mid-day, making a photo-stop at the little stone church on M-32. There is also a beautiful stone barn, but the rain was starting to come down, so we'll save that for another trip.

We fueled up in Stanton. "Where are you going?" the clerk asked.


"Oh good thing you stopped here to fuel." She pulled out her cell phone and showed me a text. Gas prices hit $6.37 in Lansing.


"Yes, it's true."

Another customer came in. "Yep, I drove from Lansing yesterday, and they were out of gas."

Wow. But it didn't sound quite right. We got back in the car, and continued south. The gas prices kept hovering right around 4.20. We called my sister.

Long story short: The prices had started to go up on Friday from approximately $3.92. People started texting and stuff, and soon gas lines were being formed. The Attorney General and the Governor got on the media immediately, warning against gouging due to Hurricane Ike. I guess a few stations had gone over $5.00/gallon, but when they heard that they backed right down.

The gas lines did cause one distributor to run out of gas, but there were plenty of other places that were fine.

What a world.

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Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Shirl,
I'm curious where that beautiful stone church is located? I live in Michigan, also, and would love to do a little road trip! Lovely site, glad to hear you're a MSU fan... one thing we can certainly agree upon!