Sunday, January 02, 2011

So now on to 2011

Well, yes. Tomorrow is my birthday. And it is one that ends in nine. Utoh. But I've decided not to wallow in the aging thing. I'm following the example of the publisher of a local women's magazine. She turned 40!! (gasp, so old) this year and decided to give herself a challenge of doing new things each month. Well, hey, if it works for the young'uns it should work even better for the old'uns, eh? So I have set a dozen projects for this last year of the 50's. (I also have a big master sixty by sixty list, but that's another story.)

So here is what I'll be up to this coming year:

January: Spa Day. A full day. This is probably the priciest of the projects, but I've never done it, and it is time.

February: Knit a scarf. Now, I've done that when I was younger, but I'd like to try again with the new yarns.

March: Play "Secrets" on the cello. I played the violin in high school. I now have my niece's cello here at the farm. Will attempt to teach myself to play or will enroll for classes at the local music shop, and want to learn to play that one piece.

April: Shoot pictures of all the barns in my township, and visit with the owners to get the stories that they know. Two barns have gone down in the last year. I need to get this project done.

May: Create an herb garden in one of the old horse troughs.

June: Get a passport.

July: Shoot a gun

August: Buy a wig

September: Learn to recognize 30 fonts.

October: Ride a motorcycle

November: Sing Karaoke. (Definitely gonna have to have a few lessons before this)

December: One of my ongoing projects through the year will be to sell 100 books to one of the bookstores. The proceeds will be tabulated, and in December I will take the money and other things I have collected to Hannah's House, a home for single moms. It became apparent to me this year that I needed to remember the basics of what Christmas is all about.

There ya have it!


urbanmkr said...

What a great list!!! looking forward to hearing about each month's project.
- urbanmkr

Shirl said...

Thanks, Martha! Some will be more **uhm** blog-worthy than others!