Saturday, May 11, 2013

Burn Out

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile.  I've been trying to cope for the last year with Burn Out. I guess I didn't do a very good job.  HOWEVER, I have a week's vacation here in the heart of Michigan, in the prettiest most hopeful month of May, and life will get better.  Will you join me on my journey?

Recovering from burnout: Acknowledge your losses
Burnout brings with it many losses, which can often go unrecognized. Unrecognized losses trap a lot of your energy. It takes a tremendous amount of emotional control to keep yourself from feeling the pain of these losses. When you recognize these losses and allow yourself to grieve them, you release that trapped energy and open yourself to healing.
  • Loss of the idealism or dream with which you entered your career
  • Loss of the role or identity that originally came with your job
  • Loss of physical and emotional energy
  • Loss of friends, fun, and sense of community
  • Loss of esteem, self-worth, and sense of control and mastery
  • Loss of joy, meaning and purpose that make work – and life – worthwhile
Source: Keeping the Fire by Ruth Luban


jimtown said...

Hi Shirl,
It was a nice surprise to see your blog entry come up this morning. It's good to know you're working so hard to get back to that happy place. It was such a long winter that I actually saw some big fat snowflakes mixed in with the rain yesterday. We may get more today but it's not the worst I've seen and by May, we know it can't stick around long. Wednesday says 72! Enjoy your week off and think happy thoughts. Like I always say, onward and upward! It's about all you can do when you live in Michigan!

Shirl said...

Kim! Thank you so much. We actually had a few spits of snows here this noon. Sheesh! What a long long winter. However, I do think it is making for an especially pretty May, and I'm certainly going to enjoy that this week.

A lot of the burn-out is due to work. I realized I hadn't had a full week off in almost two years. I think that was a mistake.

I wasn't able to get into your blog earlier. May I come in again?

Happy Mother's Day!