Saturday, October 19, 2013


And there went Thursday and Friday.

Dark gray days and an awesomely weird week at work must not be very conducive to blog posting.  I will keep that in mind.

Kim from upNorth wrote in an email about seasons.  She loves autumn.  Her hypothesis, and I think it is a good one, is that your birth season might tend to be your favorite.  I pondered on this, and I think there is a lot of merit to it.  I was born in January, and for 30 years loved loved LOVED winter!  Christmas and sledding and birthdays and all sorts of good things.  Then the 80s happened, and with them the winter months had bad memories associated with them.  I think it was about then I switched to summer's warmth as being my favorite season.  However, as time passes, I could switch again.

Here in mid-Michigan we get a lot of gray days.  I mean Seattle-type lot of gray days.  We had been very fortunate that October started out so sunny, but this past week it felt like someone turned the lights out.  Doesn't help that those days are getting shorter and shorter!  However, great full moon tonight (with a tiny bit of eclipse) and it actually was clear enough to see it!

Okay, end of rambling for now.  Over and out!


Anonymous said...

Oh we have such a hard time getting motivated on dark and gloomy days too. Did you know tho that sometimes those kind of days are awesome for photographing? Even with a light rain, I sometimes get the clearest, moody shots. I guess we have to try to make use of what we get. I want so bad to go out for a moonlight ride in the night but just too lazy in bed to get up and go! Hope things brighten up there.

Shirl said...

That's a good thing to remember about the gloomy days being good for shooting, Kim! I sort of saw it yesterday with some color (maybe 40%) showing against storm clouds. Now if I can just remember that!

We had a great full moon Friday night. I even knew it was coming, but ended up not shooting it because my equipment was inside. Argh