Friday, October 11, 2013

You've Heard of Flash Mobs? Well, now it is . . .

Cash mobs!  People organize them for small businesses that are starting out or going through a rough patch.  The premise is that a day is chosen and people show up and spend at least $20.

I had heard about them, and participated in my first one today.  There is a new coffee shop housed in a renovated old gas station.  You can drive or walk through and get artisan drinks and sandwiches.  I had wanted to try this place out, so this was a perfect way to make my $20 count.

I should have taken a picture though.  It's a really cool use for a really old building.


jimtown said...

Interesting and very nice! I thought it was going to be something bad and here it was good news. You make a difference in peoples lives. How about a flash cheer for you! Yay!

Shirl said...

teehee . . . I'm glad it turned out to be good news! Didn't mean to scare you!

And you are too kind. But thanks!