Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Polar Vortex

Ice last week
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Sheesh! The week before Christmas we had an amazing ice storm that left many folks without power for up to a week. (That would be me, too, but as it was Christmas week I was spending time in town with relatives who had power. I did come out to the farm every day to take care of the cats.)

Next up, four days into the new year we have a Polar Vortex???? New word for good old-fashioned COLD snowstorm, I think. Brrr. Approximately 15 inches of snow, and now sub-zero temperatures.

Relief is in sight tonight, and we're all just hoping and praying the power stays on and the furnaces keep chugging.

Weather. A big reminder that we're not really in control.

Stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

Imagine all the weather those red barns have withstood. I guess we weather it pretty well too, but it wears on a person. Hang in!