Thursday, January 09, 2014

When I'm 62 . . .

Just had a birthday.  A big one.  I joined the Social Security eligible gang.  I am 62.

I remember as a young worker doing the math.  I remember hitting 30 back in 1982, and thinking wow, 2014 is a LONG way from now.  There were changes made to SS in the 80's, and we wondered if it would still be around when we hit the age.

Those 32 years surely passed quickly.  And I guess there might be a little available.  Now to make the decision as to when to start the draws.

Kiddos, this time on this little planet goes in a blink.  Enjoy each moment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Birthday and don't delay starting your SS! Sorry I was on a different browser for a short time and missed keeping up with your posts!