Wednesday, January 07, 2009

16 More Things

Oh Kim, what you've unleashed! Kim tagged me for the 16 random things on flickr. I did it, now I want to do 16 more. Sheesh.

17. Montana is my favorite State after Michigan.
18. I've driven the Going to the Sun Road. You should too.
19. I haven't been wearing scents or make-up for awhile. I'm back now.
20. Lancomme products are my favorite.
21. I can kill snakes. (hollering all the while)
22. Gladioli are my favorite flowers.
23. One of my brothers passed away 20 years ago. I still miss him.
24. Robert Redford was my first "favorite" actor.
25. Kevin Costner was my second "favorite" actor.
26. I'm currently looking for a third "favorite" actor.
27. I love to read.
28. I read too fast to be a discerning reader. I'd never do well with bookclubs.
29. C.S. Lewis is my favorite author.
30. A River Runs Through It is my favorite book.
31. I feel like a displaced person often. The City I lived in for most of my life is changing too much. The things I loved are gone. The small town I was born in is a small town: I am a stranger there.
32. My favorite TV show is Chuck. Actually, that and the Mentalist are the only two I watch with any regularlity.

Do go see my friend Kim's wonderful flickr photostream. She lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula: her photographs are a wonderful depiction of a special place.


Gracie said...

Thanks for the link to Kim's flickr photostream. It's really quite amazing. Beautiful and creative and melancholy and so much more.
I loved your list of 16 more things - partly because I found a lot of myself in it; partly because it was so revelatory. Loved #21

Shirl said...

Thank you for visiting Kim's flickr stream, Gracie! You have caught it exactly with the melancholy added to the beautiful and creative. I never was able to find the exact word, but you did! Thanks for visitng the 16 more!

jimtown said...

16 more little known facts about you Shirl! Sorry if I've created a monster! It is fun when all of the sudden one pops into our minds. Thanks for sharing my photostream too. You have some wonderful friends and I thank you for sharing them with me. Hope you're keeping warm this week!