Sunday, January 04, 2009

The First Day of . . .

the rest of my life. I know, hokey. But today it fits. Yesterday I turned an age I thought I wouldn't see, 57. My fears were groundless, based on my father's death at 56 coupled with my mother's father's death at the same age. There is no sane reason for thinking a certain age is cursed. But somehow, someway, I could never see past 56.

And now I am.

And I like it!

Thanks for all the well wishes. They've meant so much. And now, on to the future!!!


Gail said...

Happy happy birthday, Shirl! And many more. : )

Julie said...

Isn't your mum 80? I'm thinking she's the one to go by.

Shirl said...

Thank you Gail! *grin*

She is, Julie, but I've always taken after my father . . . NOW I'll take after mum! Thanks!