Thursday, January 15, 2009

got it

got it
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The one good thing, and I do believe it is the ONLY good thing I can think of now, about 0F temperatures is that it slows the birds down enough that I can get their pictures.

How's your neck of the woods faring?


Gail said...

Oh, wow!! That is a completely cool photo!

Supposed to be a high of 21 degrees in the DC area tomorrow. Brrr. Feels plenty cold to us here. But it's warmer than 0!

Kathryn said...

Love the shot. Poor cold birdies.

It was 72 degrees here -- unseasonably warm, but I have the good sense to appreciate it and not complain. :)

Snowbabies said...

Lovely shot :-)

Not quite so cold here at the moment but it's forecast to get colder with possibly some snow next week. The garden is very active, so the emptying feeders tell me, we only see it in daylight at the weekend.


Shirl said...

All temperature is relative, I guess. Thanks for the responses! I can only see my feeders on the weekend also, so that's why I run to the Nature Center on my lunch.

-17 on the way to work this morning. Yikes!

Susan said...

I didn't know that it slowed the birds down but it makes sense. I've noticed that they don't come nearly as much to my bird feeders when it's very cold.

Shirl said...

it may just be my imagination . . . or maybe I can see them better 'cause they're all poufed up.

Dang, but it is cold!