Friday, February 08, 2008


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Mighty snowy in these parts lately.

This was taken Wednesday evening, and we had had about 8 and a half inches of snow. A field is across from me, so there is nothing to block the wind. Everything got a good coating of white.


Julie said...

Do you get to stay home in weather like this?

Shirl said...

Stayed home Thursday 'cause the road wasn't plowed (until noon, but it was too late then), but went today.

Sujaco said...

I was wondering if you had many snow days in Michigan or not. They are probably well funded and staffed to keep the roads clear for you most the time, whereas in the South, we have snow less than you and don't get it plowed from the main roads so quickly, usually giving us more snow days.

Anyway, bee-yoo-ti-ful shot.

Shirl said...

it's been weird this year. We are actually already at the season's average snowfall, with a good six weeks to go. This has strained some of the budgets. Lansing's mayor actually apologized publicly because they made some bad "wait" decisions on plowing, causing all sorts of havoc.

While global warming is a reality, it surely doesn't seem to be a steady progression.