Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winter Movies: Vantage Point

Sarah: I know he wasn't happy. That doesn't tell you much. I'd no idea how bad it was. I think he purposely wanted to cut off from all of us because he was so unhappy with where he was at.
Nick: Hm.
Karen: Is that true, Chloe? Did you feel that?
Chloe: I don't know. We had some good times. I haven't met that many happy people in my life, how do they act?
Nick: Mm hm.

Actually, the quote is from The Big Chill. Not leaping that far: William Hurt plays the president in Vantage Point, a story told several times from several points of view. Reviews were dismissive but I liked it, I really liked it. Of course, with Hurt as President, Dennis Quaid as Secret Service, how would I not like it? These are actors I've watched for over twenty-five years now.

Rating: 3/4

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