Sunday, February 24, 2008

So the Deer went South

from the south
Originally uploaded by Aunt Owwee

I had been worried because I hadn't seen any deer this winter. No signs of them either, in the field or in the far backyard. At one point I was wondering if the abundance of turkeys in the area was forcing them out. Silly city girl.

The neighbor down the road, who also watched out for the farm, is in Florida for a couple months. I talked to him last week. He said his son had been back in to his place (which is set back of a woods) the other day, and there were 21 DEER beds running back there. They had been eating some corn that had been left standing, and some myrtle. Yesterday I walked down there myself, and couldn't believe all the deer sign. Plus, as I got to thinking, the fields around the farm were chisel plowed and limed this year. Didn't leave much flor the critters to graze on.



Sujaco said...

That's good news. Sounds like they're thriving down further in the 'hood.

Julie said...

We use to have allot of deer here at night especially but not this year. Same as with the little birds. Some chicadees, bluejays and woodpeckers, thats about it. We blame it on the Shrike that I seen eating our male cardinal prior to Christmas. They say when they are in the area the birds flee to safer haven.

Shirl said...

yep, things happen and the critters find better, safer homes. Hi ya'll!!

Tien said...

That photo was amazing! Well, have the deers came out of their hiding places?