Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Archives Time

I'm looking at the June 2003 archives of my old blog, the Other Side. I must have been in a weird mood on the first, because I posted these questions:

Questions from late at night:
Are you, or have you ever loved, a fisherman? or fisherwoman?
What was your favorite playground activity in grade school?
Is it really better to have loved and lost?
Will we have any 90 degree days this summer?
Why do you read the books that you read?
Where are you going to?


Diane said...

I think it is kinda neat that you still have your old stuff out there. You know me, mine are all gone.

Can I answer these questions now?

Shirl said...

I lost my first blog, but I'm glad to have the "other side" stuff.

Answer away!!! *grin*

Diane said...

1. Not a real fisherman, just an avid fisherman.

2. Siting in the old tire hanging out with my classmates way back in third grade.

3. Not sure about that one.

4. We already have.

5. I don't read to many books because the days are spent reading the tv shows that I watch, which are mostly - Law & order / CSI type of shows.

6. No where at the moment, but I am going away for a night soon.

Shirl said...

great answers! and I think 2003 must have been cold. We've already had 2 90 degree days up here. How about you?