Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Made it home in time to say Happy Birthday to Kathryn and Susan. (Well, technically I missed Susan, as she's over on the other side of the world and it is now Monday, but . . . )

Kathryn and Susan have been blogging friends for years and years now. They're both fine people and fine reads.


tien said...

yea, i haven't seen susan for a long time either...haven't seen her since may 18, actually. anyway, i also haven't see you for a long time huh? haha

kathryn said...

Why thanks, Ms. Pearl! :)

I've got a pea recipe I need to give you too. Hope you had a wonderful weekend away.

Shirl said...

I'm a slow puddling around, Tien. I do come to your place, but I can't always get a comment in. Darn dial-up anyhoo!

Sounds as if you're really more in the mood for the next birthday htis year, Kathryn! That is so exciting.

and pea recipes are very welcome *smoochies*