Friday, June 29, 2007

Bad Day, Good Day

Bad day yesterday at work. We've been having core group meetings on inventory to try to straighten out some issues we have. One of co-workers went ballistic. He truly believes he's the "hardest working employee here, he works every minute of every day with no breaks" (trying not to laugh here as we wonder about the 45 minutes he takes to eat his oatmeal each morning, or the fifteen minutes he takes cleaning his desk before he eats his oatmeal so he doesn't get germs from any of us, his nasty little co-workers). We were trying to set up a program so he could have some quality time, but he just ranted and raved for 15 minutes. And the boss let him. Grrrr.

Work is a 4-letter-word.


Julie said...

The beauty of this bookshop is that there's only me - so if I don't like the way I'm working it matters not. :)
It's one thing I don't miss about teaching - the chest-beating, self-righteousness of others.

Oh, smenita has gone - I miss it.

kim said...

i think i'll name my next baby smenita. maybe.

Shirl said...

argh. You two!!! Kim, meet Julie, julie meet kim. Kim actually doesn't believe that Michigan is a paradise, *grin*

Julie said...

Hi Kim. :)

Shirl said...

dBetter put him on your list of bloggers to visit when you come to the states. He now lives in Las Vegas. Michigan to Las Vegas. What a switch!