Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blue Skies


This is just so unusual for us. We've had blue skies more often than not this June. Other than the big rainstorm last night, it has been blue skies and smooth sailing for ever so long.

This is the Lansing Center, where a Chili Cookoff took place last Friday night. emmmm good!

Just wanted to mark the moment.


cassie-b said...

Nice picture. I've never been to a chili cookoff, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'll bet the judges need a little antacid after the event.


kim said...

there was a cloudy all day day in, oh, february, and one day in march or april the sun didn't come out til after 5. horrible days, just totally devastating.
more or less.

Julie said...

I haven't seen blue skies for quite a while. Rain, rain and more rain. The east of the state has gone from drought to major flooding this week.

And there's 'smenita' again. Spooky.

kim said...

strange. kinda, i wasn't surprised that smenita came up twice for me. surprising that it also came up for the next comments. maybe the verification program has a hidden agenda.

Shirl said...

cas, they have a "people's choice" award also. There are 40 venues. Each venue will give you a small cup of chili. You get to vote for your favorite.

Lines were long, but it was a fun place to people watch, and the various kinds of chili were interesting

Gosh, kim, how do you stand it!???

We're usually pretty gray, Julie, so I don't envy you all that rain.

And I don't even know what smetina is. Gonna have to go google it. I have ulisz