Friday, June 08, 2007


Some pics from upNorth are here.
typical upnorth greeter
My writer friends decided I should write erotica. They spent 30 minutes working on pen names for me. oh my


Diane said...

did I read that right?

if you do, I want to read it too. ;)

Kathryn said...


Did they come up with a name?

Shirl said...


oh my. I don't think I could let anyone I know read that.

The name that they came up with, after many wild tries, was very mild. Sharla St. Pierre

You heard it here first

Diane said...

I can't read to read this...

you know you are sending me the link don't ya...


Julie said...

And just why did they decide on erotica? Just what did you get up to? Huh?
Sharla St Pierre - sounds suitably Mills & Boon. It's quite close to the original though.
Pearl du Grand Lac.

Shirl said...

I was a perfect angel this weekend *grin*. We were just discussing past lives, as sometimes happens when folks get together, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, DT says: you should try your hand at erotica.

I couldn't let any of you read it, Diane. Then you'd know how naughty I am *grin*

I like Pearl du Grand Lac. That will be my back-up name.