Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Bryn gave me this firefly information four years ago:

Bryn is an amazing researcher. I love to read her responses to the Wednesday Wonder. In the firefly post below, she has tons of firefly information that I need to bring up here: ***Okay, I wrote this, bryn didn't***

"Firefly" is the common name for the nocturnal luminous insects belonging to the beetle family .

Lightning bugs, also called fireflies, are not simply bugs and are not flies. They are beetles and part of a scientific family that contains the largest order of living things—290,000 species at last count.

The light given off by fireflies during their abdominal flashes is called bioluminescence. It happens when oxygen and the organic compound luciferin react together in the presence of the enzyme, lucifereace. This creates light.

Although other insects can produce light, fireflies are the only insects that can flash their light on and off in distinct signals. Even the eggs and larvae of some firefly species glow. That’s where the name "glow worm" comes from.

Some fun facts about fireflies:

Did you know that the state insect of Pa. is the firefly ?
Did you know that you won't see fireflies west of the state of Kansas ?
Did you know that you can set up your backyard to attract fireflies ?



cassie-b said...

I've only seen a few fireflies so far this year. I hope their population increases.

I live in Pennsylvania, and never knew that fireflies are the State Insect of Pennsylvania. I'll be sure to spread that bit on information along.


kim said...

i shoulda brought some with me. maybe.
100f right now w 4% humidity. maybe they wouldn't like it.
i like it. working on fixing the other stuff.

Julie said...

Don't know if they exist out here or not. I know I've never seen one.

Julie said...

Did you catch some footy?

Shirl said...

cassie-b, bryn is always such a fount of knowledge!

Kim!!!! he speaks!!!!! So good to hear from you, my friend! Maybe we can send you some fflies.

and maybe we can send some to you, Julie. The landscape looks magical, with wave after wave of tiny lights. You must come in June, when you come to visit. Oh, and May. And October, for the "fall season". And . . . guess you'd better just stay for a year!

Julie said...

hahahahaha, a year. There goes the rest of my itinerary.... travel the world, see Michigan. :)

Shirl said...

hey, we can give you all four seasons. We can give you mountains (albeit small ones). We can give you the Great Lakes, with sunrises and sunsets to melt your eyeballs. We can give you great urban centers and wonderful rural landscapes. In short, we can give you Paradise.

Julie said...

Oceans, I want oceans.... haha, sorry. There are so many paradises around the world and I want to see them all! But don't worry, yours is definitely on the list.

Shirl said...

i've been to the ocean, and i'll take great lakes anyday. Same broad vistas, better color, less pollution. Or something like that. *grin*

I'm in a selling Michigan mode, because I do think we are gorgeous. However, if everyone came, the congestion would be horrible. So . . . consider yourself one of the select few.

kim said...

ah, paradise, holy wah!,yes, but that's a long drive from your place. hell is so much closer.